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Aerial firefighting is faced with a unique set of risks, complex issues related to the health and safety of the dedicated team who perform the difficult task of protecting life, property, and resources from wildfires. Inspired by the air force and its military training simulators, Conair has developed a specialized Training + Tactics Centre, including a Mission Training System (MTS), that will revolutionize aerial firefighting training.

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BELL: How Rocky Mountain Rotors Uses the Bell 505

Search and rescue, herding horses, redirecting cattle, training new pilots. The Bell 505 does all that and more, so Rocky Mountain Rotors uses it as a multi-mission aircraft every day. You should too.

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KADEX Aero Supply is an aftermarket helicopter parts distributor for over 60 different manufacturers and offers repair and overhaul services, maintenance/technical support, and can support operators with AOG services.

Our experienced team of specialists are here to help you choose the right parts such as Fuel Pumps, Inlet Barrier Filters, Lighting Upgrades, Batteries, and more for your helicopter.

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